Comptrix Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides Linux / Embedded Software Development Solution & High - End Training Services to its clients in India & across the Globe.  Recognizing that in today’s environment, software development also entails providing network and wireless communications, Comptrix includes these services along with their software development. See our extensive Capabilities section for details. Our Expertise are more into the Linux and Unix Based Solutions. Comptrix also Provides the Experienced Human Resources on Contractual basis for short term as well as long term period.

At Comptrix we specialized primarily in System Programming which included Linux Kernel Programming, Embedded, Real Time OS Programming and writing Linux Device Driver. We can help companies to bring their solution to market faster, with more features and better quality, but also offer long term support programs to guarantee long product life.

Comptrix Systems stands out against the competition by providing flawless Linux based security
systems and embedded solutions incredibly quickly at an attractive cost.

A dedicated team for project management ensures the timely delivery of the right solution for your needs, and we always strive to achieve highly satisfied clients.

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